What Lockdown taught us?

  1. Spending time with family:- like we all know, Many people live away from their homes, for work. What lockdown did? It helps people to come to their home spend time with their family, to understand the issues, with which their family deal in day to day life.It gives us time to sit with our old parents, and to listen what they want to say, to understand their perspective also. Our parents are our best friend, and the best guide. Spending time with siblings, which I experienced, is also a very good feeling, from fighting with my younger brother to irritate my elder sister, I think, they are the best days of life.
  2. To explore:- Lockdown gives us opportunity to explore new things, around us. I saw many people who used to work 10–12 hours of a day, and they don’t have time to explore, But during lockdown, they doing work from home, so they have enough time to explore new things, Like my father also start cooking, he started cooking, different things during this lockdown, may be not perfect, but he is trying to explore.
  3. To gain skills:- during lockdown we have lot of skills to gain, we can read, draw, write, anything we want to develop. We can develop good habits like, reading books, at least one page a day, doing 10 minute meditation everyday. Students have so much time, they can do plenty of courses, which they can add to their resume, to strengthen their profile.
  4. Be Prepared:- Lockdown taught us to be prepared for any situation comes to our way, Like many people are facing financial issues, transport issues, It taught us how to face and survive in such conditions.
  5. Unity:- Many people doing a great job.They are helping people, who have no food to eat. It taught us to help each other in such situations, Like if we won’t help each other how we will survive.

Thanks for giving your valuable time.

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