What does traffic lights say?

Let’s start with the important one “Red”-

Important , because if you fail to decide where you need to go, then no road in the world can take you anywhere,

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

— Red Light tells us to stop ,take a deep breath and wait and let things go where they want to ..just stop and have a look at things around us , think what is going on in our life….How so many people go wherever , some are to earn, some for tour , some for picnic, etc. In life , it’s important to stop everything and have a look what’s going on, what you are doing ,Is this what you want to achieve, If yes, wonderful, go on, If no, then get up, and work hard to change your lifestyle, change your life from what you have to what you want.

Green Light tells us , now you are allowed to go anywhere you want to , so decide your route ,Now many people have stopped and many are moving with you on the same road, may be some with same model of car, may be some has the same destination also, but goals differ, so focus on your own development process. Choose your own destination, road map, like fingerprint everyone has different thinking, perspective,mindset etc..Try not to copy , But make yours unique, Things will come around.

Yellow Light tells us the most important one ,that is to wait…In life the most important thing you need to grow is to have patience for something, patience that things will fix own their own, when you have no control over things let them go , don’t stress over them.things may not go the way you want , but how they were supposed to ,have faith and trust on your own self, it’s not mandatory to be perfect all the time, just embrace whatever comes in your life..

Prepare yourself for your journey , to reach your destination …Have faith that Whatever your journey be , you destination is going to be beautiful..

Have you ever looked at sun , Whatever it goes throughout the day but when it sets , I think it is the most beautiful moment, So when you wake up in morning be cheerful, full of enthusiasm, spend your day with pomp and joy, work all day , have great food, travel, and when you go to bed at night , be thankful to everything , everyone you have in your life, contributing to make your life better..

A good line to make your day better:-

Do not try to fixing that comes in your life.Build yourself such that whatever comes,fits :)

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