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Java Database Connectivity is an API(Application Program Interface) or platform independent interface which helps to connect java programs with various databases such as Oracle , MySql , MsAccess and Sql Server .

→It provide ways to query and update the database using Structured Query Language (SQL) .

To connect the java program or application with the database , you need 5 steps — — —

1. Load the Driver :- helps to make a connection to the database .

→Method used is Class.forName()

— Class.forName(“oracle.jdbc.driver.oracleDriver”); you can use mysql also.

Using this, the driver class file is loaded in the memory during run time.No need to create an object.

→Method used is DriverManager.registerDriver() — DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver());

2. Creating Connection :-

After the driver is loaded , connection is set up.The connection object uses username , password , URL.

Ex.. Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(Url,User,password);

3.Creating Statement :-

After connection , the user can interact with database . the interfaces such as JDBC stmt , PreparedStatement provide methods that allow a user to send Sql statements and get data from the database.

Ex.. stmt = con.createStatement ());

4. Executing Query :-

A query can be for updating /inserting or retrieving .

Ex.. stmt.executeQuery(); — for retrieving

stmt.executeUpdate(); — for updating or inserting.

5. Closing Connection :-

Now the connection need to be closed.

Ex.. con.close();

Let’s see an example

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Here , I used mysql database to store my data . Here first I created a class myDriver in which I make a connection using methods Class.forName and DriverManager .

Here, information is my table name in database student, user is root and password is also root.

Then , created a statement using createStatement .

Executed my query using executeUpdate method .

For confirmation that everything went well on console I printed a statement that “insert complete”

just to make sure again in ResultSet I stored and display my data on console using executeQuery(“select*from information”);

Thanks for giving your valuable time

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