How to be productive at workspace?

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Let’s go step wise:-

Step:1 Time management — Always keep your time managed , keep your work scheduled as per their priorities. Focus on investing your time efficiently and effectively. Make sure to note the time where you are not properly utilizing your time , and work upon them to utilize and make best out of that time also.

Step:2 Listen to your Coach (Trainee)— Try to listen and focus what your team leaders or coaches told to you to accomplish.Always show trust towards them,they have more experience,and in some aspects more knowledge also, they always want your and their organisation’s best.

Step:3 Complete Your task —Complete your day to day task on time, don’t leave them for tomorrow, because tomorrow you will have another job to do, “never let your work be a burden”.It demotivates you, so to keep yourself motivated and cheerful complete your task in a give time.

Step:4 Share your experience— the most important task is to share your experience , your knowledge, having conversation with your colleagues ,and your trainee(Coaches) also .

A good line to make your day better:

Past is a story, Future is a mystery , And what you have is a gift “That’s why we call it present”..

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