A Small Intro - Collection in java

What is collection?

A framework that provides an architecture to store and manipulate the group of objects, it gives programmer access to prepackaged data structures as well as algorithms for manipulating them.

→you can perform all the operations on a data such as searching, sorting, insertion, deletion and manipulation by using methods provided by the interfaces present in collection framework.

Now, What are the different interfaces we have in collection?

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collection interfaces with their versions

Mainly we have ( interfaces in collection ….

In list interface we have 3 implementation classes Array, Linked List, Vector and Stack is a part of Vector class(or child class of vector).

Properties of Interface: — -

List — -duplicates are allowed and Insertion order is preserved.

Set — -duplicates are not allowed and Insertion order is not preserved.

Queue — -duplicates are not allowed and Insertion order or some sorting order should be there..

= So, what I want to explain from the above statements is, like when we develop any software, we have some requirements to fulfill So, when our requirements are —

— - we can have duplicate objects and the way we insert every object, they should be present in the same order. So we use list interface methods.

— -we are not allowed to have duplicate objects and the way we insert object , here order is not important . So we use Set interface methods.

— -we want to represent a group of objects (prior to processing ) we use Queue, in that situation.

Above are basic properties of these interfaces.

Advantages of Collection Framework:

  1. Consistent API : The API has a basic set of interfaces like Collection, Set, List, or Map. All classes (ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector, etc) that implement these interfaces have some common set of methods.
  2. Reduces programming effort: A programmer doesn’t have to worry about the design of Collection, and he can focus on its best use in his program.
  3. Increases program speed and quality: Increases performance by providing high-performance implementations of useful data structures and algorithms.

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